Adirondack Distilling Co.

Taste the

1000 stills white whisky

Lightly aged corn whisky with slight oak overtones.

601 bourbon

New York’s first legal bourbon made from 100% locally grown corn.


Exceptionally smooth with a clean finish.

adk gin

Bold, citrusy flavor profile, with touches of flour, ginger, tart berries and vanilla.


Locally sourced, internationally awarded

At Adirondack Distilling , we take immense pride in our spirits having won numerous prestigious awards, highlighting our passion for craftsmanship.

Our flagship Adirondack Whisky has been honored with the Gold Medal at the International Spirits Competition, a testament to its rich, smooth flavor and meticulous aging process.

Our Mountain Fresh Gin, known for its unique blend of botanicals and refreshing taste, earned a Silver Medal at the Global Gin Masters, affirming its place among the finest gins in the world.

Our Pure Adirondack Vodka, triple distilled and filtered through Herkimer diamonds, has achieved the Platinum Award at the Vodka Awards, celebrating its exceptional clarity and crisp taste.

Additionally, Adirondack Bourbon, with its complex flavors of toffee and dark chocolate, received the Double Gold at the American Bourbon Awards, making it Central New York’s first legal bourbon to achieve such a distinction.

These accolades are more than just honors; they are a reflection of the hard work and dedication our team puts into every bottle. 

The Adirondack Experience

Adirondack’s state-of-the-art German stills produce our flagship vodka, gin, white whisky, and Central New York’s first legal bourbon. Each bottle, and every sip, gives our makers, their community, and Central New York something to be proud of.

We offer tours Monday through Saturday by appointment. Adirondack products are available throughout Brew Central and New York State.

Join us to experience the spirit of our region in every bottle.


The Adirondack Distilling Company produces hand-crafted, internationally award winning, premium spirits from locally sourced corn and water from the Adirondack Mountains which means all of our spirits are naturally gluten-free.

Hand-crafting allows us to laboriously choose what parts of the alcohol make the cut as finished product into your bottle. Therefore, our spirits are known for their unique flavors and remarkably smooth finishes.

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