Adirondack Distilling Co.


Chill filtering over Herkimer Diamonds (a doubly terminated quartz crystal) produces the cleanest, clearest of spirit. Exceptionally smooth!

1000 stills WHITE WHISKY

This is not your grandfather’s whisky! We lightly age this spirit in an un-charred, White American Oak barrel. You will find the true clean taste of corn whisky with slight oak overtones. If you like whisky and haven’t tried out 1000 STILLS WHITE WHISKY, yet get your hands on some today


A traditional dry gin crafted using ten unique botanicals and essential oils, including juniper orange root, cinnamon and alpine bilberries, native to the Adirondack Region, boasting a tart berry taste.

601 Bourbon

Central New York’s first legal bourbon. We make our Bourbon from 100% New York State corn. No other grain or caramel color and flavoring. This is honest, corn Bourbon. Taste how Bourbon was meant to taste. Delightfully delicious!


The Adirondack Distilling Company produces hand-crafted, internationally award winning, premium spirits from locally sourced corn and water from the Adirondack Mountains which means all of our spirits are naturally gluten-free.

Hand-crafting allows us to laboriously choose what parts of the alcohol make the cut as finished product into your bottle. Therefore, our spirits are known for their unique flavors and remarkably smooth finishes.